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Thursday, 19 May 2022

Eagle Wings || 2022 Latest Nollywood Movie

 Two Nigerian Airforce Officers owe a duty to rescue their colleague and coursemate who crashed in enemy territory, the rescue operation becomes a major offensive attack on the stronghold of the terrorist.

Cast: Enyinna Nwigwe, Patience Ujah, Keppy Ekpeyong, Francis Duru, Paul Apel, Femi Jacobs. 

Director: Paul Apel Papel

What do you think about this movie?

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Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Lyta - Flex || Download Mp3


Marlian music recording artist, Lyta is back with this new melody named "flex", the tune follows his EP named 'rafat'. Partake in the melody beneath. 


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Friday, 15 April 2022



1. Beauty is  not  a guarantee   to  marriage

2. Falling  Sick  does  not  mean  you are  about  to  die.

3. Getting  rich  is  not  the  definition  of prosperity.

4. Building  a  nice house  is  not enjoying  luxury.

5. Sleeping  on  an expensive  bed  does  not  bring  you sound  sleep.

6. Driving  a  new  car is  not  a guarantee  that  you gonna  reach  where you  going.

7. Wearing  expensive  clothes  does  not  guarantee smartness.

8. Owning  a  family doctor  does  not guarantee  permanent  health.

9. Being  highly educated is  not  a sign  of  wisdom.

10. Marrying  a  rich  guy  does  not guarantee  happy marriage.

11. Winning an argument  does  not mean  that  you  were correct.

12. Whatever  is  done  without  the  merit  of  Heaven is  fake  and  temporal.

13.  He who  builds without  God  is building  for  nothing; &  he  who  watches over  a  city  without God,  watches  in  vain.

14. Not  everything   is  possible  with  man  but  everything  is  possible  with  God.

15. Be  wise  and  learn  to  Involve  God   in  everything  you  do.πŸ‘.


Tuesday, 12 April 2022


This is to inform all the candidates that sat for 2022 UTME Mock being conducted by The Joint Admissions And Matriculation Board (JAMB) on Saturday, 9th of April, 2022 that the board has now published the results live on their portal. Candidates are to log in to JAMB portal to check their results.

Click Here

Link above 

Reported By:-

Olorunnisola Olatunde 

Saturday, 9 April 2022

Alien Sniperess (2022)


One Shot One Kill For Mankind

A female sniper on military leave promises to fulfill her fiancΓ©'s dying wish until she encounters a hostile alien invasion and is tasked with saving countless lives.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Release Date: Apr 8, 2022 (United States)

Stars: Olivia Okoro, Sean Laguna, Douglas Savage. 

What do you think about this movie?

We want to hear from you all.

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Wellbeing and Wealth: How your funds sway your wellbeing

Have you ever known about an antiquated greek saying "When wellbeing is missing, astuteness can't uncover itself, workmanship can't show, strength can't battle, abundance becomes futile and knowledge can't be applied. "?

This implies that great wellbeing is viewed as more important than abundance.

Additionally, also, the correlation of wellbeing and abundance shows that they are valuable together - You should be healthy to gain riches and you want cash to get to great medical services.

Here, we investigate what your funds mean for your wellbeing.

As recently said, wellbeing and abundance are inseparably connected. The manner in which you treat one might affect the other - Money issues might cause pressure and stress, which can prompt wellbeing side effects including a sleeping disorder, hypertension, and despondency.

Notwithstanding actual wellbeing, our monetary wellbeing affects different parts of our lives, including perspectives, propensities, and feelings.

Also, our monetary wellbeing isn't about the amount of we possess in our ledgers, it's about how our cash the board methodologies are utilized to accomplish our in general monetary objectives.

The following are a couple of cash the board tips for a sound monetary way of life

Planning - Having a spending plan is a crucial monetary choice that can assist you with setting your funds up and follow how much cash comes all through your ledger consistently. With this, you can have an outline of your costs.

Beside making a financial plan, it's vital to adhere to it. Consistently survey your planning objectives so you don't forget about your spending.

Stay away from over-obligation

Try not to become involved with the snare of accumulating obligations to the point that they become an issue when now is the ideal time to take care of them. Prior to applying for a new line of credit, make a reimbursement arrangement with the goal that you can repay it on schedule.

Live inside your means

Bend over backward to live inside your monetary means. Living inside your means will compel you to spend exactly what you can manage, keeping you from straying into the red.

Expand Your Income Stream

Try not to adhere to one pay source. Assuming you have a paying position, consider getting a side hustle that isn't tedious.

An elective revenue stream helps you not to rely too intensely upon your essential kind of revenue.

Primary concern: Good wellbeing is the most significant belonging an individual can have in their life. Nothing you work for or procure can be appreciated except if you stay sound. Along these lines, bring in certain your cash propensities don't adversely affect your wellbeing.

Friday, 8 April 2022

Fireboy DML – Frozen (Remix) Madonna & Sickick || Download Mp3 Music


Back in December 2021, well known American plate jockey, Sickick remixed Madonna's hit melody "Frozen" which was initially delivered in 1998.

The melody got a piece energized by DJ giving it another vibe. Today, Nigerian rising genius, Fireboy DML puts out a remix with a stanza on Sickick's rendition.

Download update soon... 

Ukraine war: Protests after Russians 'abduct' Melitopol mayor

Inhabitants in the Ukrainian city of Melitopol have emerged to challenge the supposed snatching of the chairman by Russian powers.

Ukrainian authorities have posted video saying it shows Ivan Fedorov being driven away blindfolded on Friday.

In a message, President Volodymyr Zelensky blamed the Russians for "moving to another phase of dread".

Melitopol, a little city in south-eastern Ukraine, was one of the first to tumble to the Russians.

In her first open appearance, Melitopol's recently introduced city chairman Galina Danilchenko asked occupants not to partake in "fanatic activities" and pronounced her fundamental assignment was development of "essential components under the new reality".

Many individuals participated in a dissent outside the city lobby on Saturday to request the arrival of past officeholder Ivan Fedorov, who had declined to co-work with Russian soldiers since they took the city on the third day of the intrusion.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.View original tweet on Twitter
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Mr Fedorov was last seen on Friday evening being dragged away from the city's crisis centre by several armed men with a bag over his head.

Ukrainian officials shared a video of the incident and said the armed men were Russian soldiers.

"We are not co-working with the Russians in any capacity," Mr Fedorov had told the BBC before in the week. "They have made an effort not to help us, they can't help us, and we don't need their assistance."

Russian specialists have not remarked on his vanishing, however the investigator's office of the Russian-supported breakaway eastern Ukrainian district of Luhansk has supposedly blamed him for "psychological oppressor exercises".

CCTV footage appears to show Russian forces apprehending Ivan Fedorov, mayor of Melitopol, a city in south-eastern Ukraine that fell under Russian control during the invasion, at Taras Shevchenko Palace of Culture in Melitopol"s Victory Square, in still image from video released March 11, 2022. Deputy Head For President"s Office, Ukraine/HandoutIMAGE SOURCE,REUTERS/HANDOUT
Image caption,
CCTV image from the video allegedly showing the mayor being marched away

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has requested Mr Fedorov's quick delivery and requested the pioneers from Israel, Germany and France to come down on Russia to free him.

In his most recent video address on Saturday night, Mr Zelensky said Russia was to make "pseudo-republics" in Ukraine.

He adulated those declining to team up in the Russian-controlled Kherson district.

The gathering there had before taken on a goal reaffirming that it "has been, is and will be a basic piece of the assembled territory of Ukraine" because of what it said was a Russian intend to organize a mandate on the making of a "group's republic".

Mr Zelensky likewise cautioned "certain figures" of critical individual results of any cooperation - a clear reference to Ms Danilchenko. 

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