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Monday, 12 December 2022

"Zazu Dey Cash Out" Portable Announces New Building Investment, Fans Congratulate


Popular Nigerian singer Portable has returned to social media to display his most recent accomplishment. To the delight of his followers, the Zazu Zeh singer posted a video of his most recent bar purchase on his website. Many of the musician's fans praised his most recent accomplishment in the comment area.

When Nigerian singer Portable recently revealed his most recent accomplishment online, he had many reasons to celebrate. The musician posted a video of a new bar project he was working on to his official Instagram page. 268.7K  The beautiful building with the name Odogwu Bar written at the entrance was captured on camera.

Fans swoon as Portable displays his most recent acquisition. As soon as the musician posted a video of his most recent construction endeavor online, a number of internet users joined him in congratulating him in the comments area. 

Here are a few of their comments: "INVESTORS DOINGS," surest herbdul6 Make una play Zazu dey cash out, ayojahofficial. 

"Congratulations blood," said iyaigbomina comedy. 

"E no dey simple," said ogstarzy33. bugzydvinci: "Say E Too Razz, See Razz Man Is Building Businesses & Establishing More For Those Who Thought Portable Wasn't Smart Cos He Came From The Trenches & Don't Speak Good English (Foreign Language).....Say E Too Razz Love and support, not judgment. Ikaaaa. Zazzzoooooooo."

"We Chatted By 4:20am": A Man Marries a Woman He Whatsapped, According to New Photos


Screenshots of the first chat she had with the man who is now her husband were posted online by a Nigerian woman. On Saturday, December 10, the woman going by the handle Ugo tweeted about how she was the one who DMed her man first. The internet's affection for Ugo and her partner has grown two years after their Whatsapp discussion at 4:20 in the morning.

A woman who DMed a man on Whatsapp at 4:20 in the morning in 2020 is now wed to the same man. On Saturday, December 10, a woman going by the handle Ugo wrote on Twitter that she had found her partner's phone number in a Twitter Whatsapp group. & Ugo

"I enjoy what I used my money for," says a young millionaire from Nigeria who constructs luxurious homes


A young Nigerian man with enormous fortune made the decision to construct a home for himself.

He finished the home and put expensive-looking chairs in it. He received a lot of acclaim for not squandering money on cars.

You're a real man, bro. Get more properties. Who said it was simple to let someone go without paying for cement? – a response was made.

Mother Crying as Her Boyfriend Leaves Her at the Hospital After Giving Birth to Their Child


Woman sobs inconsolably as she describes her traumatic labor experience The woman claimed that the father of her child and she split up the day after she gave birth to the child. She described how the young man left all of her belongings at the hospital and never gave her a dollar.

A young woman from Nigeria described her heartbreaking story when her connection with her lover abruptly ended. The young mother claimed that her lover decided to break up with her after she gave birth to their child.

Singer Rudeboy and his new flame Ivy Ifeoma celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary


After over a year since his estranged wife Anita filed for divorce, singer Paul Okoye, aka Rudeboy, finally confesses to his new partner Ivy Ifeoma.

When the two of them left the house together, Rudeboy openly shared several passionate moments with Ifeoma.

We're fortunate to have Tinubu and Shettima because neither of them is a xenophobe, say APC ladies


Women in the APC say they are proud of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Senator Kashim Shettima, who are running for president.

None of them are lazy, and none of them are bigots because of their ethnicity, according to Dr. Falmata Zulum, who spoke on their behalf. Combinations of this nature do not frequently occur.

Lai Mohammed dismisses the Renter report, supports the Nigerian Army while pregnant


Any accusations made against the Nigerian army without supporting data, according to the federal government, are dangerous.

Lai Mohammed claims that the report is a plan to pit Nigeria against the rest of the world and sever Nigeria from the support that is essential for defeating terrorists.

He questioned: "How can they arrive at the false figure of 10,000 pregnancy terminations using interviews with 33 women and girls?

Sunday, 11 December 2022

At Shiloh, a fan requests Davido & adds, "Evil shall be far from him."


It goes without saying that Davido is quite popular, and his supporters have remained active during his difficult time.

Some people find it offensive to ask for prayers for the artist, but others have praised the gesture.

Someone wrote: "There is no issue if you pray for the people you love and respect. Amen, from her lips to the ears of God."